ABA Services Provided By BI&C

In-home, school, or center-based intensive 1:1 Behavioral Analysis Services-BCBA-Provide program supervision, perform initial and on-going language and behavioral assessments, provide parents and direct therapists with on-going training, attend and participate in IEP meetings, and lead socialization groups. 

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)/Graduate Practicum Student-Provide direct 1:1 intensive language-based programming with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior. Take daily programming data and maintain programming books. 

Functional Behavior Assessment-The process in which the BCBA determines the function of behavior based on the maintaining variables (how the behavior was learned and how it is presently being maintained). FBAs are conducted in order to create functionally based behavior support plans that include the following: 

o  List of individualized behavior reduction strategies based on the function of behavior. 

o  Replacement behaviors that teach the child better ways to communicate along with teaching concepts of self-control, tolerance, and flexibility.

o  Data Collection Systems that are the foundation for program updates and modifications. 

o  Antecedent Interventions (PBS Strategies) that help provide an environment that supports success.  

o  Schedules of reinforcement that help establish new adaptive behaviors and help undo the learning history associated with maladaptive behaviors. 

Language Assessment and Recommendations for IEP Goals-The BCBA completes a one-day intensive language assessment that results in recommendations for an IEP using various research-based assessments and curricula.  

Staff Development for School Districts-BCBA provides school professionals with training through large or small group lectures along with in-class consultations and in-vivo training.

Intensive Toilet Training Program-BCBA provides parents or school districts with the skills needed to implement a research-based toileting program (Foxx and Azrin). Coach parents through the program in the home or school setting.

Individualized Social Skills Programming-BI&C Professionals design social skills programs based on the specific needs of each child.  These programs are guided by research-based practices as well as on-going assessments.